The first year of my daughter’s life was definitely the hardest. The solitude was overwhelming. Being the first of my friends and family to have a kid meant that I had no one that I could relate to. No one to compare notes with, so to speak. All I wanted was a mom friend or two that had children around the same age. Someone I would have similar interests with. I’m a pretty liberal person and my views are pretty strong, so I would hate to… I suppose “waste time” is a bit harsh, but I would hate to waste time on someone who has views much more conservative. I’m a shy person and it’s hard to make friends, and it’s harder to ghost people I’m not clicking with because I hate to hurt feelings.

In any case, sometime around Cog’s first birthday, I met another mom while walking back from the grocery store. Cog was so excited to see another kid, as she hadn’t been able to interact with many before then; I said “haha, she’s so excited, she doesn’t get to see a lot of other kids.” then that mom told me of a local free parent participation program. I ended up racing my groceries home and going there that day.

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So, I’m just gonna start this off by saying, if you’ve found this post on Pinterest you probably wanna skip a few paragraphs and get right into where I talk about the memory bears. The first few paragraphs are going to be me talking about why I made memory bears.

Last year we lost my aunt. She had a near-decade long battle with cancer before it took her from us. My aunt was an amazing woman that gave a lot and expected very little in return. She was very proud of her Scottish heritage, and always kept up with what was going on with our family over the pond. Actually, the material I made the memory bears from is tartan that she’d bought around 20 years ago. But hadn’t ever gotten around to using it. I wonder what she would have made with it, maybe kilts? Before she passed away, she was able to see Scotland one last time, and I’m so happy that she was able to.

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Recently I’ve been having the same conversation with a number of people in my life. People who have been on the fence about whether they should have kids or not. With everyone in my life, I like to be perfectly candid about what it means to be a parent. I don’t sugarcoat the bad stuff. When it comes down to it, deciding whether or not to be a parent is the biggest decision of your life. It is one decision that is irreversible and will stay with you until the end of your life. I always have and always will believe that having a kid is a choice, and it’s not for everybody. Anybody who says others otherwise be damned!

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Recently it seems like myself, my husband and some of my friends have been going through a metamorphosis of sorts. The past few years we’ve all been a bit uninspired, and not as driven to our dreams and hobbies as we once were. It seems odd to say that it takes work to be inspired. We tend to think of inspiration as something that just strikes us and magically gives us drive to work on our dreams and hobbies. The one thing powerful enough to snuff out inspiration is fear. Fear that our goals are unrealistic, or that we aren’t good enough. The thing is though, we can never hope to achieve anything by being too scared to push ourselves forward.

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The new year has been treating me well so far. New goals and ambitions aplenty. I’ve been trying to make my resolutions small but attainable goals. I’m planning on reevaluating my goals after a few months to see if I need to lower them, or if I’ve been doing them no problem and make them more challenging. One of my goals is doing one thing a week to beautify my house. Week one was redoing some caulking (which in and of itself I need to fix ’cause I did a pretty poor job, haha). This week my goal is a much smaller one, making some cute decorations to match my aesthetic. Now, any of you that follow me on Pinterest might notice I have a board called “Aesthetic”, it’s full of beautiful rustic/farmhouse rooms. One thing that many of those rooms have in common, is that they re-purpose old stuff to make it new. What a great way to reuse things! So this week I’m going to tell you about how I’ve been made decorative glass bottles.

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