5 Times Movies Got Life As a Parent Just Right

Whenever I watch movies, I always kind of hope to have an ‘in’ moment. Where I’m like “YEP! I get that. that is my life in a nutshell”. After becoming a parent, I feel like I’ve entered a secret club of relatability. So here are five times movies cinched it.

Just Go To Frickin’ Sleep Already!!


Storks was the first movie I saw in theatres after Cog was born. It was probably the best choice ever because everything was super relatable. Pretty sure every parent has had those times where the baby is almost asleep, and you just know if they kept their eyes closed for, like, five seconds, they would stay asleep. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve tried this out on my kiddo a few times, no success yet. But no harm in trying.

Gee, Thanks.


Hands up if your kid throws food at you. Or sneezes food on you. Or razzes food on you. Pretty much any variation of it. The animators at Pixar sure got the “I’m-so-done face” perfect in Inside Out. Like, kid, just eat your dang food, and please don’t make it come my way.

Seasoned Professional


Not gonna lie, the first time I fed Cog, my husband was surprised how well it went. Little did he know, I got some pointers from my girl Helen Parr of The Incredibles. Feeding babies is a pretty much guaranteed to be a messy disaster. But this scene gave me a heads up on how to keep things at least a little bit tidy. I probably would have had mounds of dirtied paper towel otherwise.

Liquid Gold


Pumping and nursing can feel never ending. It is like you exist solely to make milk. I’ve definitely had it while nursing (and post-nursing. as having problems producing milk, the advice was to pump right afterwards) that I just stared at the ceiling and thought “This is it. This is my life now. I am a milk machine”. This scene from Mad Max: Fury Road came to mind just about every time, and I always got a chuckle out of it.



Blowouts are probably about the worst part of diaper changes. You have to Houdini your baby out of their outfit without dragging poo all over them. It stinks twice as bad as a regular dirty diaper. You need to use approx nine-million wipes. AND, if they have any ounce of mobility, you better hope you are faster than the Flash or Quicksilver to get that diaper changed. This scene from Life As We Know It is pretty much the universal reaction when faced with a blowout.