How to Rock a Co-Ed Baby Shower

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Having a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but it can be a bit stressful. Especially when trying to get ideas for a co-ed shower. My mom and I were planning my sister’s party together, and we wanted it to be fun for everyone. Some of the Jack & Jill shower suggestions that were out there seemed to be a throwback to the 1950’s they were suuuper archaic!


A couple of the groaners I found were something like “Have the men assemble things like toys, they can play with them until the next interesting item is opened!” or “Make sure all the men know that there will be football and/or hockey game on. Be sure to have pizza and beer, you know, for the men.” Because as we all know, all males only like sports, beer, and assembling things. Just pick things that can be fun for everyone (offer prizes too so competitive nature will take over). For the most part, the fellas that are willing to come to the party are coming to support their cool friends that are going to have a cool baby. The best thing to do is to make it a chill, hangout event with a few fun games.


My sisters baby shower last week was pretty successful. She got a pretty fantastic haul, and everyone had a pretty fantastic time. I asked some of the guests afterwards what they did or didn’t like about the shindig, and here are the results!

Pin the Diaper on the baby

A spin on a classic! Everyone loves jumping back to playing like a kid. Snag up a couple of poster boards. Draw a baby bum on one, make some paper diapers, get some blindfolds, and tape. Bam, you have pin the diaper on the baby.


We had about 10 people participating and had 3 people blindfolded at a time so that guests wouldn’t know where the prior diapers were placed. Spun the pinner like crazy and shoved ’em in the right direction. Some people still ended up veering pretty off course. Competitive nature is really what made this one awesome.


Verdict: WOO!

Criticisms: When there are a lot of people playing, a lot of guests will just feel out where everyone else has placed their diaper. One way this could be changed is if someone takes a picture for each players placement, and it is judged at the end.


Taste Test

We had 3 flavours labelled A, B, and C, having the answers written down for later reference. People had to guess the 3 flavours to try to win the prize


A lot of baby food out there has 3+ flavours per jar or pouch. We thought might be a bit too challenging, so we opted for some basic flavours. Peas, Carrots, and Sweet Potatoes.


Verdict: BOO!

Criticisms: Too many people don’t like the idea of eating baby food. Maybe they think it’s gross, or that it’s all strained peas. But whatever the reason, the taste test game was a big loser. This might have been more successful if we did use some of the multi-flavoured baby foods (I’ve eaten some of those and they can be downright tasty! I’m a big fan of the Baby Gourmet line of food, especially the Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, yum!) and made it multiple choice instead.


Teasing the Couple

When the couple is opening presents, write down what they are saying as the open presents. When they are done with the presents, stand up and say “You know, I’ve heard that what a couple says when they open their baby shower gifts, is what they said while the baby was conceived.” Then, read out the best ones (ie. “Ah! It’s so tiny!!”, “Adorable”, “We needed this”, etc)


Verdict: Hehehe

Criticisms:  I couldn’t bring myself to read it out in a sexy voice. But a few people said it would have been way funnier if it was read in a sultry bedroom voice.


Memory Game

We had a tray with 10 baby items on it, uncovered it for 10 seconds, covered it back up and gave them a minute to jot their answers down. People LOVED this one. We used a brush, a diaper, a spoon, a sock, a bottle, a rubber duck, a thermometer, a block, a pacifier, and a teething ring.


Verdict: WOO!

Criticisms: Make sure that all the objects are visible from where everyone is standing. Don’t have the tray looking too cluttered. A few people thought the spoon was a toothbrush because they could only see the handle.


The one thing that swept the floor with success, the thing that everyone unanimously agreed on, was that the party has to have good eats. In fact, when I asked everyone what they liked best, the food was always at the top of the list.