Munchkin 360 Degree Training Cup Review

Ok guys, so, very seldom I come across a product that is so great that I could shout about it from the rooftops. But I have found one, and it is the Munchkin 360  Degree Training Cup. My daughter has been having an impossible time trying to transition to big kid cups from her sippy and straw cups. Every time she tries to bring it to her mouth, the bottom of the cup would be below her chin and whoosh, she’d be drenched. There have been countless outfit changes, countless towels soaking up spills, and countless occasions of a very frustrated toddler. So I started wondering if there was such a thing as a training cup. After a quick google search, I found that there are a few different ones on the market. I bought the Munchkin one because it looked easy to clean and easy to use.

sippy cup how to teach your baby toddler to use a cup

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One of the best things about this cup is the 360° function. I love that Cog can drink from all sides without any trouble. Basically, whenever her lips press down on one of the silicone edges it makes a small opening that allows the liquid to pass into her mouth. The design is dentist recommended too! Sippy cups seem to be getting some flack in the dentist community because of the spouts getting sugars get behind the teeth, but the spoutless design of this cup allows the fluid to flow into the mouth naturally.

I love that it is virtually spill proof. I say ‘virtually’ because let’s face it, with kids, where there’s a will, there’s a way. The only way Cog has been able to make it spill is either by throwing it on the floor or by pressing on the sides while holding it sideways or upside-down. But if she decides she’s done with her drink and lays it down on the floor, it won’t spill. If she knocks it over it won’t spill (unless dropped from a hight). And if she shakes it, it won’t spill. Honestly, this thing is teaching her how to behave with a cup without all the mess.

sippy cup how to teach your baby toddler to use a cup

This cup is super easy to clean. It has 3 pieces: the cup, and two pieces which make up the valve. It’s top rack dishwasher safe, and since none of the pieces are too tiny you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. What’s great is that after your kid has mastered the training cup, you can just take off the valve, and let it function as a regular cup.

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Summer Infant Wide View Baby Monitor Review


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Baby monitors are one of those things that are really awesome to have. If you’re in a small apartment you probably don’t need one, but if your house is any bigger than a small apartment you should definitely have one. When I was pregnant, and figuring out my baby registry, I thought that a video monitor would be unnecessary. I thought only rich fancy-pants people had them. So, on my registry, I requested a simple audio monitor, but my brother and sister sprung for the Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor. I’ve been incredibly happy with it, and it’s saved me from a lot of headaches.


Portability – Has an internal battery, so you can unplug it and walk around your house. Also, has a kick-stand so that you can rest it just about anywhere.

Night Vision – Night Vision is in black and white

LED audio indicator – Has lights that indicate how loud the noise is

Adjustable Volume – Has 5 volume settings, personally, I mostly keep it on the lowest setting

Adjustable Brightness – Has 5 levels of brightness

Zoom Function – Zooms in once at 50% closer

Two-Way Communication – There is a microphone button that you hold to talk, this mutes the other side when in use.

Power-Save Mode – After about 2 or 3 minutes unplugged it goes into power-save mode, which turns the screen off but keeps the audio going.

I have generally kept the monitor plugged in at all times, but I tested it out to see how long the battery lasts without being plugged in. It lasted approximately 7 hours in power-save mode; it would likely last a lot less long if one were to frequently check the video on it. I wouldn’t advise keeping it unplugged through the night, but it would be fine throughout the day. One thing that this monitor didn’t have that I felt it should, is a noise notification (an occasional beep or something, maybe?) when the battery is almost dead. The normally green light at the top turns red when the battery is critically low.


See what baby is crying about

It saves you from running into the room for nothing or letting your baby cry when there is a reason for intervening. Did the baby get their leg caught in the crib bars? Poo-splosion? Spit-up? Did the little one somehow manage to put themselves into a dangerous position? Or are they just whining in their sleep a bit? Adjusting to a comfy position? If you have just an audio monitor you’d have to manually go in and check, but this video monitor gives you the luxury of glancing at a screen to see what’s up.

Leeeet’s Just Turn The Volume Off

Sometimes your baby is crying loudly and you don’t want to hear it. Maybe you’re in a room close enough that you can hear it without the monitor on. Maybe you are doing Cry-It-Out and are having a really hard time with it, and having the volume off makes it a bit easier. You can turn the volume right off, but still be able to see what’s going on, and the LED audio indicator shows you the noise levels.

Cameras, Cameras everywhere.

If you started off with the one camera and felt that another one would be nice, you can buy another camera and connect it. The monitor can accept up to 4 additional cameras. This could come in handy if you want one in the play room and the bedroom, or if you have multiple kids. It has the function to switch between cameras on an 8-second interval. I only have the one camera, so I can’t vouch for how the multiple cameras work, I can only tell you what I’ve researched about that option.



Sometimes the camera does this funny thing when it loads up. It shows the last image the camera saw before you turned it off. So, basically, if you turn the camera off after grabbing your baby, the next time you turn it on after putting your little one back in their crib, it might show you an empty crib. After a moment it will say “No Signal” and then correct itself to the current video. A very minor con, but I’m sure it’s shaved a couple days off of my life from the sheer shock.

Children of the Corn???

When night vision is on, and your little angel is awake and looks at the camera their eyes glow. It’s horrifying. It once left me and Gear cackling for about 5 minutes though, so as long as you have a good sense of humor it’s fine.

Overall, with my experience of this monitor, I would rate it 4/5

If you have any questions about this monitor that this review didn’t answer? Have you used this monitor? Anything to add? Let me know in the comments!