How to Style Your Babies Nursery

So, show of hands, how many of you have crawled Pinterest for hours looking at home decor? I know I have, and I’ve totally done the same with nursery decor. Even though my kid’s room is pretty much where I want it to be, or at least I’ve all got it figured out in my head. I can’t help it! They look so cute, and there is so much love put into them that it warms my heart. The decor of a nursery is what a parent envisions their child waking up into from every nap, and growing up into. It’s curated and crafted with love, just for the baby (and the parents aesthetic of course).

So this past year my daughter has gained two cousins (one I planned a baby shower for). And lucky for me, their moms both sent me pictures of their nurseries that I can use to illustrate ways to decorate your nursery, and the artistic liberties you can take when creating the room.

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Statement Piece

You might choose to have one (or two) bold piece of decor. The rest should be more subtle, as to not distract from your focal point. If you do choose to have more than one statement piece, they should be symmetrical, or adjacent to each other in the room. A statement piece could be something colourful, high contrast, or maybe just very large.

Figuring Out Your Colour Scheme

Generally, it’s a good idea to keep to a colour scheme. Paint swatches always have the little symbols on them to indicate what colours go well together BUT, there’s another easier way that doesn’t leave you staring at paint swatches for 4 hours. There are websites (here and here are some good ones) that are specifically for finding shades that go well together. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to avoid too many bold colours in a nursery. If you choose to have some bold colours, using them in moderation is key. Pops of colour here and there, or a feature wall. Maybe you have the crib coloured fire engine red? that should probably be the only fire engine red thing in that room, with the exception of a few prints/photos on the wall.


A mural can be made to match any room theme. You could go simple, or complex, you could sketch it out in pencil, freehand, or if you have access to a projector – trace something. One of the great things about murals is that it really helps cinch a theme if you’re going for one. One of the downsides is that if you make a detailed one, it might become dead space in your nursery. After all, you wouldn’t want to cover up a beautiful mural so much that it won’t be seen, right? But if you use a minimalist design or a partial mural, the wall likely won’t become dead space. If you aren’t the artistic type, there are wallpapers that make great murals as well, or you could buy some cool wall decals.

Gallery Wall/Wall Collage

I’m sure everyone has seen those adorable signs or boards that say “Dream big little one” or “I love you to the moon and back” or even “let him/her sleep, for when he/she wakes, he/she will move mountains”, right? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, I don’t know about you guys but every time I see those I’m like OOOOOoooOOOOOOOOO DAYUUUM. I feel like any gallery wall needs at least one of those cute typographical signs with a cutesy quote on it. A good gallery wall can distract from some mismatched pieces here or there by becoming the focal point.

Pick A Theme


With a nautical theme your friends are blue, white and red (I say with a grain of salt, red should definitely be used sparingly). Using weathered wood, or distressed painted wood for shelves can really help cinch the image. Buoys, anchors and ropes or nets can be excellent additions to help with the rooms flavour.

Nautical themed nursery

This is my daughter’s room. The mural was an absolute pain to paint but I’ve been very pleased with how it looks. Pro tip, don’t try to paint a gradient on your wall. What you can’t see in this picture is a jar of shells. I plan to incorporate some shelves or a net to store some excess plushies.

Fairy Tale

The colour of a fairy tale room really depends on which sort of fairy tale you’re going for, so I really can’t say much for colour. If you’re going for something with princesses or knights the room should have a dragon somewhere, be it a stuffy or an illustration. The fun thing with fairy tale rooms is that you can get creative with the design. Pinning dress-up clothes to the wall is a cool way to keep your theme, and also add your statement piece. You can use netting or curtains to delicately frame the crib. A barrel or bin with toy swords, arrows, or trusty stick steeds is a cool way to decorate and also keep toys for when they are old enough.


With a woodland themed nursery, your colour options could involve blues, greens, greys. Using muted tones for blue and/or green is ideal. Vibrant shades tend to pair poorly together. Wood signs or wood shelves would make lovely accents to this style of room. Add in some stuffies of forest critters, and a play tent or teepee and it’s a perfect woodsy getaway in your own home. The beauty of a woodland nursery is that it evokes the feeling of getting back to nature. If you want to encourage your kid to be outdoorsy, having a room that breeds familiarity with the outdoors will likely make them feel more comfortable in that sort of environment.

Woodland themed nursery

My cousin decorated her son’s nursery with a woodland theme, she did a subtle mural of mountains on the back wall. It’s tasteful and elegant. The curtains have a delicate design of branches, that doesn’t distract from the rest of the room. She used blues and greys for her colour scheme. The plaid change pad liner adds a nice pop of colour while keeping to the theme, giving the room a nice lumberjack-style accent. The illustration of a stag brings some nice artwork to the table without distracting from the room itself. She managed to find baskets featuring critters decorate and add some storage. The wooden dresser and shelves along with the mason jars bring a rustic feel to the room.


A classic nursery generally uses creme/white/off-white, pastel colours, or even subtle wallpapers (nothing bold). Picture frames and furniture in a room like this are generally white. There isn’t necessarily anything that is meant to stand out in a classic nursery. A classic nursery is more of a calm, serene space with fewer distractions. A nice addition to a classic would be some delicate curtains. The purpose of a classic room is to feel more minimalist. While you could add a gallery wall, I think less is more in this room. A few framed images in a line or a square should be all you need to keep this look elegant. Attach a crib skirt to complete the look.


A modern nursery has a lot of similarities to the classic nursery but is less rigid in its rules. You can have walls that have a bit more colour to them, and you can have some statement pieces. Modern nurseries still tend to have a lot of white in them but will have pops of vibrancy here or there, without fear of distracting from anything. You could have a funky rug or modern art to decorate. No toys are out of the question in a modern room, I personally am a fan of the ones Ikea sells based on children’s drawings. The wonderful thing about a modern room is that there’s really no wrong way to do it.

modern nursery

My sister decorated her daughters room with some high contrast accents. The navy curtains, black/brown table and black chair with the rainbow pattern are bold, yet don’t clash with anything in the room. Decorating the wall with cover art from the comic Fables (really good series, by the way; you should absolutely read it) gives the room a geeky touch to add personality to the room. The focal point of the room lands on the play mat, to accentuate that this is indeed a child’s room.

Licensed Media (ie. Disney/Pixar/Nintendo/Hello Kitty etc.)

Using licensed media content would probably be one of the easiest ways to style a room. You can find stuffed animals, furniture, posters, pictures, fanart, quotes, ideas for colour schemes… you name it. Basically, if you want to design your room after something that markets itself, you will have absolutely have no problem finding decorations for your walls, shelves, bedding, night lights, whatever else. if you need help picking a colour scheme, try and find an image that uses colours that you like and plug it into this website, It will break down the main colours and set them as a palette.

What does your nursery look like? Does it adhere to a certain style or is it mismatched? Was it a style and you never knew until now? Let us know in the comments, or share your style tips with us.