Things My Husband Has Said During Paw Patrol

Do you ever have it where you are actually intently watching what your kid is? Because we’ve seen all the episodes of Paw Patrol on Netflix at least three times, some episodes more. It’s actually a pretty cute show with great lessons, it has pretty decent models and animation, too. It handles topics like fire safety, environmentalism, and animal safety. For a show that is a clear toy push, it makes a great effort to be genuinely entertaining for children without resorting to fart jokes.

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With Christmas coming around the corner, if any of you parents want to buy some paw patrol gifts for your kids there are tons out there. I got Cog a couple of Paw Patrol TY plushies and some Paw Patrol Undies (I’m hoping it will get her excited to potty train). They have some really big play sets, some little tiny toys, and DVDs too. No shortage of Paw Patrol love from the toy stores.

Last year we were walking around and I knew of Paw Patrol, but we’d never watched it. My husband and I had a pretty amusing conversation while walking past some Christmas displays.

Me: Gee, that paw patrol sure is getting popular
Gear: Papa Troll?
Me: *gesturing to a giant inflated Chase* yeah, Paw Patrol.
Gear: Oh, that’s papa troll?
Me: Yeah, it’s a pretty popular kids cartoon, I think it’s on Netflix.
Gear: Ooooh, PAW Patrol, I thought you were saying “Papa Troll”.
Me: ???? I was saying Paw Patrol!
Gear: No, Papa Troll, like, a troll that’s a dad.
Gear: Precisely!

With season four of Paw Patrol just arriving on Canadian Netflix, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of the silly things that my sweetie Gear has said while watching.

Things My Husband Has Said While Watching Paw Patrol

  • Is the Paw Patrol Government funded?
  • Do People in this town not have jobs? Shouldn’t there be someone whose job it is to fix a broken windmill?
  • Why Zuma, why are you even there?
  • Why isn’t Skye pissed off that everyone is able to fly now?
  • The mayor is kind of awful.
  • Why don’t all the other dogs just wait until Marshall is in the elevator?
  • Do they not have stairs in the Lookout?
  • How come the dogs can talk but the cats can’t?
  • It kind of makes me uncomfortable when the dogs are getting pet by the people.
  • [While walking through a toy store] WHAT? They all have boats now? Zuma is even more useless.
  • It’s weird that these dogs that are basically people are forced to sleep outside.
  • Why are they always excited about camping? they sleep outside all the time anyways!
  • I feel like the mayor has a thing for Ryder.
  • How come Marshall and Zuma aren’t girls? they need more girl dogs. Everest hardly counts. She’s not even part of the main crew.
  • Why do they even eat dog food? They eat human food so much.
  • Kind of funny that some are genuine rescue animals when others are just general labour.
  • Does Ryder not have parents?
  • Ryder looks like such a tool.
  • Is Mayor Humdinger the only resident of Foggy Bottom?
  • (Me: Why don’t they arrest Mayor Humdinger?) Because there are no police in Adventure Bay. (Me: What about Chase?) He’s a freaking DOG.

Do you watch Paw Patrol? Have any silly quips? Tell me about them in the comments! I’d love to read what you all have to say.