How to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

So, Halloween is pretty much my favourite holiday. I just love baking tons of treats and sharing them with my friends. It’s a time for dressing up, having fun, and gorging out on delicious, delicious sugary treats. Honestly, I don’t understand when people don’t love it, it’s great! However, there are things to be cautious of, as with any holiday. Like, no matter how much I love Halloween I still tell people to be careful because you can’t trust that everyone else will be in the same good spirit.

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Every year I urge people to keep their pets inside. Fireworks can scare your pets, and potentially make them run away. And truth be told I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories about people harming animals as a ‘prank’, some leading to animal death. So it’s always a good idea to keep your fuzzy friends indoors for the night.

Another thing I like to remind people of is to be considerate of anybody in their neighbourhood that has PTSD. Since fireworks can often sound like guns, it can be triggering for Veterans or survivors of shooting. If you are dead-set on using fireworks, it’s a good idea to let those neighbours know that you plan to, and maybe offer them some earplugs as a gesture of good-will.

But I digress. Getting back to the point of this post: Halloween is pretty much the best adventure a kid can have, and as long as they keep safe and follow these guidelines, they are sure to have a fantastic time!

Reflective/Light-Up Gear

Now that it’s autumn and it gets darker a bit earlier, it’s a good idea to have your kids wear something to help them be visible in the dark. This is especially important in areas that might not have that many streetlamps, or if your child’s costume is dark. Drivers are generally a bit more cautious around Halloween because they know kids could jaywalk, but not everyone is a safe driver. Having your child be visible on the road will help keep them safe. Reflective tape works, or if you have an old dog collar that is reflective, they could use it as an armband. You can also buy LED armbands or key-chains that can flash or give solid light. I’ve seen some people use flashlights too (but let’s be real, their hands will be full, hahaha)

Check Halloween Candy

Although almost every rumor of pins, needles and poisoned candy is a hoax, there have been a small handful that have been true. In fact, most of these have been committed by family members. But, why chance something that doesn’t take very long to check? You never know if one year someone is going to take those stories as a malicious inspiration. Once they are done trick or treating, get them to dump their haul on the floor; inspect the seams of the candy, or see if the packaging looks deflated. If there are no holes, cuts or other things that raise alarm, the candy is safe! Anything else should be tossed, at the very least if it’s not tampered with it’s probably stale. If you’re extra paranoid, you can always make sure to break candy bars in half before they are eaten, to be positive there isn’t anything inside.

Discuss Halloween Hazards

Though Halloween is awesome, a lot of people take this fun holiday a little too far. So it’s important to talk to your kids about Halloween hazards. I know generally trick-or-treaters are out early, but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t been getting their drink on early. Make sure your kids are wary of drunk drivers. Fireworks can also happen early if it’s dark enough. If they see someone operating fireworks they should be sure to keep their distance. One of my friends once had debris hit her eye from across the yard! Talk to them about what they should do if they see something dangerous. Maybe someone is playing with fireworks and now there’s a small fire, or maybe some jerks are hurting a cat (happens all

Talk to them about what they should do if they see something dangerous. Maybe someone was playing with fireworks and now there’s a small fire, or maybe some jerks are hurting a cat (happens all too often on Halloween). Let them know to keep their distance from dangers, but to find an adult to help (Just knock on any door with a light! Everyone is ready to answer!) or if they have a phone, to call 911.

Go Over Basic Road Safety

This might seem like a no-brainer, especially if your kids already know the drill. The thing is though, Halloween is so exciting for kids that they forget the rules sometimes. Remind your kids never to jaywalk and encourage them to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. If they have dark clothes but have visibility gear on them, they should make sure it’s visible while crossing the road.

Keep in Groups

If you won’t be trick-or-treating with your child you should make sure they are in groups. If they stay in groups they will be less likely to get lost if they too get eager about exploring different neighbourhoods for candy. It will ensure that if someone gets hurt, that they have people with them to help out.


Do you have any tips for keeping things safe on Halloween? Please share them with us in the comments, and remember to have a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween!